How to make sausage steak


The chorizo ​​steak It is one of the most exquisite cuts of beef that exists. As such the best, in my opinion and in that of many, is to enjoy it salty and cooked to the point. In this article we will explain how to properly cook a chorizo ​​steak, also known as entrecôte.

2 people 15 minutes Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • A 500 grams sausage steak
  • Salt
You will need to:
  • Iron iron
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The chorizo ​​steak It is the Argentine name that receives the cut of beef from the anterior dorsal region (specifically the set of muscles called Erector spinae), characterized by including streaks of fat that give it a very juicy and tender touch.


First of all you need a Flatiron, no pan. And the fire from 3/4 to maximum.


Once the iron is very hot we take out a little bit of bif fate and we passed it all over the iron. This will prevent the meat from sticking.


You can see how I left well oiled the iron and ready to support the wide steak (they also call it).


We support the steak and immediately add some coarse salt (to taste, of course).


We wait, close, until the blood begins to appear (it goes up).

At that time we must turn the steak carefully.


It's taking shape, right?


We continue cooking and add some Salt to the (now) upper part.

The first few times you can make an incision in the meat to see if it is too red for your taste.


And ready, there you have, a chorizo ​​steak ready As a general rule, if they are going to do it for someone, they should have a little more red juice, I like it juicy but without blood color. It's a matter of taste, I clarify. "By default" the chorizo ​​steak is served a little more red, hot, but too red.

If the person you invite to eat does not know the cut I recommend you do it like this. Then and over time you can prepare a little more juicy and color "blood." But the steak is so thick and with such a noble meat that it will allow you to take it out at the moment you decide.

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