How to cut Iberian ham



Do you want to learn to cut Iberian ham Like a professional? In this article we show you the steps to make your ham cuts perfect. For this, it is essential that you know the parts of a ham. The mace it's the most part rich and juicy and also, it is the one that contains more meat; the babilla is the part less juicy and it presents less meat, although it is advisable to start cutting the ham by the babilla if we are going to consume it for a long period of time. The top of the ham, between the hoof and the piece, is called cane or jarrete. If you have a ham, we explain how to cut iberian ham, following these simple steps.

You will need to:
  • Ham knife.
  • Ham holder or support to hold the ham.
  • Chaira or knife sharpener.
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Place the ham in the ham holder. Depending on the consumption, you must do it in one way or another. If you go to eat the whole piece at once, it is better to position the ham hoof up. If you are going to consume the ham several times, is better than hoof be placed down. In this way, you can start the cut by the narrowest part, with less fat and, therefore, the one that dries more quickly.


Make a circular and deep cutdo on top of the ham, or cane. With this cut you will be able to easily extract the excess crust and the slices of ham.

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Remove the bark and fat from the top. You should remove all the yellowish fat until you notice that the ham begins to appear. Remember: if you are going to consume the piece in just one day It is recommended that you remove all the fat and crust, so as to leave the peeled ham. On the contrary, if you consume the ham in several days, it is better to clean and profile the piece as you cut it.

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Save the removed fat. These cuts will serve to cover the surface of the ham, which will prevent the piece from drying out.


Once you have removed all the fat and the crust, you can start to make the ham cuts in the meat. Try to make the slices Small and thin


To make the cuts, you must do it from the hoof to the tip, that is, from top to bottom, in the longitudinal direction. Cut the entire surface of the piece. In this way you will be able to extract the juiciest part of the interior and the tastiest of the exterior.

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Repeat the movements from the cut to the bone. Once there, turn the ham and repeat the process from the back.


Try to make a cut around the bone. This will make the slices come out clean and without problems.


To cut the slices of ham in the bone area, it is better to skirt it. You can too remove the bone with a simple cut, if the patella bone allows it.

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  • To avoid the rancid flavors of the ham, it is convenient that you go cleaning and profiling the piece, as well as eliminating the unnecessary crusts of the ham.
  • Always cover the cutting area once you stop extracting slices. Do it with the fat removed at the beginning, so you will prevent the meat from drying out and get it to stay fresh and juicy.
  • All parts of the ham have a different flavor. If you want to make cooked broth, it is recommended that you use the ham bone. If you want to extract taquitos for cooking, the cane is the most tasty and suitable part for it.