How to brown baked pies without eggs


Empanadas are a meal that I really like in general and that requires the use of egg not only as an ingredient in some recipes, but also to brown the baked dough and shine the puff pastry so that it has that characteristic golden appearance. However, there are times when you do not want to use the egg for this purpose because you follow a vegan diet in which you do not consume products of animal origin, you are allergic or because you are not making a very large pie and do not You will take advantage of most of the egg.

These are situations in which alternatives are sought to the egg to brown baked empanadas. And, although it seems that there are no other options, the truth is that there are several possibilities to paint empanadas without eggs. Since we explain how to brown baked pies without eggs so you know all the alternatives and know how to brown the empanadas easily and comfortably.

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Alternatives to the egg to brown baked empanadas

When you don't want to use the yolk for whatever reason, to shine the puff pastry There are several alternatives to the egg to brown baked empanadas with which good results are achieved because the empanada is also golden and bright.

And how to shine an eggless pie? There are several options on how to brown the empanadas without eggs, which are widely used in gastronomy and with which it is not noticed that no egg has been used:

  • Olive oil: Olive oil is the main product used to paint empanadas without eggs. Its application is very simple because you only have to take a little oil and spread it throughout the pie before baking it to shine the puff pastry. This product also has the advantage that it does not add any flavor.
  • Vegetable Margarine: When talking about how to brown the pie, another alternative that is not to use the egg is to use the vegetable margarine. In this case, the application is the same as in all the previous cases, although there are people who mix a little of this vegetable margarine with a little water and sugar after having previously melted it. It is another of the alternatives to the egg to brown empanadas, although in this case it will provide some more flavor for sugar, being a more recommended option to shine the pie with sweet content.
  • Cornstarch: to paint empanada without eggs, another possibility is to use cornstarch, which is mixed with a little cold water and a little turmeric. Be careful with this last ingredient to not add flavor. Once the mixture is done, it only remains to spread across the surface of the pie.
  • Vegetable milk: It is another option to shine the puff pastry pie. Any of those on the market serve. Again, its application consists of spreading a small amount on the surface before baking.

Tricks to make empanadas without tuna egg

Within empanadas, there are several recipes in which it is very common to use the egg both as an ingredient and to brown it. This is the case of those prepared with tuna. However, it is possible to substitute this product in this dish with this recipe for golden tuna patties without eggs.

To make it, you need a series of ingredients such as the puff pastry for the pie and the fried tomato, the tuna (natural or in olive oil) and the egg (it would be optional as an ingredient depending on whether it can be ingested or not by diets or allergies). The elaboration is very simple and it is done in a few steps:

  1. Mix the tuna (well drained if you have chosen to take it from cans in olive oil) with the fried tomato. If you prefer to use the natural tomato or canned but unprepared, you should first fry the tomato before incorporating the tuna. To this mixture, the hard-boiled egg would be added if it is to be used.
  2. Take a pan and lightly fry the mixture we have prepared with the ingredients to fill the pie
  3. While it is done, spread the puff pastry for the pie, having to prepare two equal layers
  4. The whole stuffing of tuna and tomato is spread over one of the layers of the pie
  5. When it's done, put the other layer of the pie on top and seal it with the fork before putting it in the oven to shine the puff pastry
  6. Once sealed, you can use any of the alternatives to the egg to brown baked empanadas that we have mentioned in the previous section
  7. It only remains to bake it to cook and brown. Although it depends on the oven you have, in general and for guidance, we can say that it is enough with 10 minutes at about 220 degrees

Recipe for golden meat patties without eggs

The meat pie It is another of the dishes in which it is usual that the egg is used as an ingredient and to give shine to the puff pastry as it happens in the previous tuna pie recipe.

Both as an ingredient and to apply a little outside, it is possible to replace the egg. But, let's see how to brown the eggless meat patties with this recipe for which we will need the puff pastry or pie dough, as well as several ingredients for the filling such as meat (preferably veal, although you can also add some bacon and well-cured sausage to make it more juicy), onion, leek, green and red pepper, olive oil and egg (it would be optional as an ingredient).

With all this, let's start with the recipe:

  1. Take a casserole to prepare all the filling in which you will have to put some olive oil
  2. While the olive oil takes a temperature to fry, you see the onion, the leek and the red and green peppers chopped
  3. Sauté everything over medium heat until you notice that it is half done (a clear indication is that the onion is transparent, but not golden)
  4. Add the bacon and sausage chopped into small strips
  5. When it is golden, put the remaining pieces of veal until they take color
  6. The time it takes to brown the meat, use it to spread the two layers of puff pastry that we will need
  7. Add all the filling in one of the layers, extending it well so that it is distributed proportionally and there are no areas with less filling and only eat puff pastry
  8. Put the layer of puff pastry on top and seal with a fork
  9. Next, you have to choose one of the alternatives to the egg to brown baked pies such as, for example, olive oil to shine the puff pastry. It is only necessary to put a little to prevent it from browning too much
  10. Then it goes into the oven until it browns

With these tips on how to brown baked empanadas without eggs, we hope we have helped you to know the different alternatives to the egg to brown baked empanadas and know what products you have at your disposal to shine the puff pastry. They are guidelines on how to brown empanadas, which will be very useful for many recipes not only to paint empanadas without eggs, but also empanadillas and other dishes that you need to brown in the oven.

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