How to make two-color coffee flan


Custard is one of the most popular desserts in many countries, especially homemade flan. In its recipe different innovations have been produced in order to make it more flavors and ways to not always taste the typical vanilla or egg flan. One of the tastiest proposals is the coffee flan, which is also quite refreshing. To surprise the guests, it is possible to do it in two colors, so that one layer is darker than another. The recipe to prepare it is simple and does not take much time. In we tell you how to make two colored coffee flan so you can prepare it at home when you feel like it or want to surprise your guests. Keep reading to discover how to make two-layer coffee flan!

6 people 15 minutes Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • Half a liter of cream
  • Half a liter of coffee
  • An envelope to make flan
  • Liquid candy (optional)
  • Sugar to taste)
You will need to:
  • Coffee maker
  • Mixing bowl or bowl
  • Small saucepan or casserole
  • Large flange or individual containers for small flanns
  • Spoon or rods to remove
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The first step to make two-colored coffee flan is make coffe. To do this, you must prepare a coffee maker. It is better not to load it a lot so that the coffee does not come out very strong and the flavor of the flan is softer and pleasant. We will need about half a liter of coffee. If you don't have enough with a coffee maker, make another one until you get that amount.


Once we have half a liter of coffee, the next step is mix it well with the cream so that a cream or liquid is a bit dense, but homogeneous. If you can't mix it properly with a spoon, help yourself with the pastry sticks and even the mixer.


Then pour this mixture of coffee and cream on a bowl, which you should put to heat, but over low heat so that it does not burn. When it's hot, it's time to add flan envelopes. It is important to move again.


While on fire it is time to add sugar, if you want it sweeter. You can put the amount you want until it has the level of sweetness you want. If instead of sugar you want to use another product, we leave you this other article on How to replace sugar.

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This mixture is left on the fire until it boils, but it is already important not to stir it. Then you have to pour it over the flannel or small molds for custards. If you want to add caramel, you should put it in the bottom of the molds before putting the coffee flan mixture. It is important that the caramel layer covers the entire bottom of the container well so that when unmolding it does not look like a kind of stains on the top. It is even preferable to put plenty of caramel and that it is solid so that it does not melt completely with the mixture that is poured.


Once it has poured, you have to wait for it to cool well to unmold it carefully and consume it. When you take it out, surprisingly you will see that the flan has remained in two colors, having a darker tone above and a lighter shade below. This separation occurs at the time of cooling, so it is very important not to move the flange while resting. So you just have to wait ... and voila! You will have your coffee and cream flan.

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  • The flan can be done with both normal and decaffeinated coffee. This last option is better if there are people who are altered by caffeine or are going to take children.
  • Coffee is better not to make it very strong because this will avoid having to put more sugar so that the flavor is sweeter.
  • The molds are better to use glass or silicone than stainless steel or other, because they stick less and unmold better.
  • When unmolding the flan, you have to be very careful so that it does not break and looks good to serve it at the table. In addition, you also have to avoid problems at the top caused by caramel.
  • It is advisable to let the refrigerator cool down for at least four hours before unmolding the flan so that it has consistency. If possible, the result is better if 24 hours pass.