Why the pancakes stick together


The pancake is one of the star products of gastronomy and cuisine of various countries such as Argentina, Chile or Uruguay. Under this name, there is a kind of crepe, tortilla or pancake -You can make both sweet and savory-, which usually eats for example for breakfast, among other possible times of the day. Making the pancake is not complicated, although there are times when they don't work out because they stick to the pan. This occurs because the entire process of preparation and cooking has not been done well, although there are also other possible factors that influence the final result.

From, we will explain why the pancakes stick and burn and we also provide you with some solutions so that you can make your favorite recipe without problems and be delicious.

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The pancake sticks and burns because of the pan

When explaining why the pancakes stick together, we must first talk about the pan. And is that the container used is essential to achieve good results. In fact, do not use the proper pan It is one of the main causes that explain why pancakes stick and burn, something that also applies to problems with pancakes, pancakes and tortillas. And how does the pan influence cooking? There are several factors to consider:

  • Nonstick skillet: To prevent the pancakes from sticking it is essential that the pan is non-stick because with this layer they incorporate, it prevents any type of food from sticking.
  • Burnt pan: When the pan is burned or not well cleaned, it is easy for the pancakes to stick because the dough made in the pan adheres more easily and quickly to the remains of food that may have existed on previous occasions.
  • Badly washed pan: even if you use a nonstick skillet, a bad cleaning can make that nonstick layer get lost. They are cases in which they are washed in the dishwasher -because washing temperatures are reached higher than manually-, or scourers are used, such as those of aluminum type, which are scratching the surface and, consequently, removing the layer non-stick

Thus, it is always best to have a specific pan for cooking pancakes or similar products and do not wash it in the dishwasher, even if it is indicated that it is suitable for this type of washing.

The problem of pancakes sticking is in the dough

Another reason that explains why the pancakes stick is in the dough. And it is important to make its preparation well to avoid later problems in its cooking and that the pancake does not go well. And what are the most common mistakes in pancake dough? Mainly, there are two:

  • Rest the dough: If the dough has not rested the appropriate time, the most likely is that the pancakes stick together because the flour used absorbs water, but does so in a progressive way and not instantaneously. It is an important fact to keep in mind because the dough will stick if cooked just after mixing the ingredients because the flour has not been given enough time to catch the water and bind well. At a minimum, it is always recommended that the dough rest half an hour before cooking, although the estimated time is one hour.
  • Shake: on other occasions, what happens with the dough is that it is stirred too much in order to remove all possible lumps that may appear when mixing the ingredients. Moving it in excess, will make the pancake not look good because it will acquire a gummy and sticky appearance and will never be spongy and soft in the pan, which in turn facilitates sticking because it is necessary to have it more time on the fire to cook it. To avoid lumps, it is better to mix the ingredients little by little. And, if a lot of pancakes are going to be made, it is preferable to make several smaller, but well mixed, doughs than one in a large source.

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Frequent errors in cooking that cause the pancakes to stick

Among the causes that explain why the pancakes stick and burn, we cannot forget the mistakes made in their cooking. Between the most common mistakes when cooking pancakes we find:

  • Oil: Do not put any oil in the pan to cook the pancakes or add a lot helps to stick them. The surface of the pan must be slightly impregnated with oil or similar substance - such as butters, margarines or the like -, it is convenient to use little product and spread it well and evenly throughout the surface of the pan before adding the mass of the pancakes. To achieve this, it is not good to put the oil or cooking product directly on the pan. It is better to use a spatula, kitchen paper or with the same fingers of your hand to extend it and control the amount that is applied.
  • Pour the dough into the pan: Putting the dough directly from the pan to the pan is another mistake because the dough layer does not spread evenly, making cooking difficult. It is better to previously use, for example, a ladle to take the exact amount and distribute it well throughout the pan.
  • Filling: The mistakes when cooking the dough are not the only ones. Also the problem that the pancakes stick together may be in the filling. And it is that filling them a lot makes them stick more easily because it is more complicated to turn them over and take them out of the pan so they tend to break and, consequently, everything is stuck.
  • Turn it over: Another key to avoid sticking the pancakes is to turn them on time. If they leave too many minutes, they stick. And when do you have to turn around? It's easy: when you see that there are holes in the surface of the dough.

With these explanations of why the pancakes stick together, we hope from having helped you with these tips that you can cook this dish better so that it is rich and tasty.

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