How to make smoked salmon


The salmon It is a fatty fish rich in omega 3, iodine, magnesium, vitamins of group B and is a great source of protein, this makes it an ideal food to lower cholesterol and triglycerides and treat other cardiovascular conditions, in addition to providing great benefits for organism. The ways to prepare the salmon are quite wide and eating it smoked is a fairly common way, whether in sushi, salads or snacks and this can vary its nutritional characteristics. In we show you how to make smoked salmon.

Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • 1 loin of fresh salmon
  • ½ kg of smoked coarse salt
  • 150 gr of sugar
  • Dill Twigs
  • Olive oil
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It is recommended that if you have bought fresh salmon, you should freeze for 48 hours since the fish will not be cooked and is a way to prevent the parasites that may exist in this. Remove the salmon from the refrigerator and wait for it to thaw. The next step to make smoked salmon is to wash the fish, remove the damaged parts, if necessary, and remove the bones. Dry it with paper towels.


In a bowl mix the smoked salt, that you can get it in any supermarket, with sugar. In a bowl place a layer of the previous mixture and put the salmon loin on top, skin side down. Cover the salmon on top with the rest of the salt and sugar.


Wrap the entire source with plastic wrap and now it will be necessary to put pressure on the salmon so that the mixture of salt and sugar can penetrate better, for this place two bricks of the drink that is, so that there is weight. You can also wrap these in plastic wrap or leave them without it and put it in the fridge.


This step of how to make smoked salmon it will depend on how smoked you want it and the thickness of the salmon loin, you can leave it between 24 and 48 hours macerating. Once the time you decided has passed, you will see that the salmon has released a lot of water, take it out of the fountain, wash it with cold water, but not in excess and you will see that its color has changed slightly to a more reddish one.


Dry it with paper towels and now it's time to cut it. With a sharp knife start to cut the salmon in thin slices starting at the widest part of the loin. Place it in a bowl and add a dash of olive oil and dill sprigs.


There are other ways to prepare smoked salmon, some people add a splash of Bourbon to marinate before placing the smoked salt or add to that mixture of salt and sugar the grated lemon and dill. You can use this homemade smoked salmon recipe to add it to a toast with cream cheese, place it in your salads, make a quiche or cakes.


The way to preserve smoked salmon It is a container with a lid, in the fridge for no more than 1 week and a half or you can also freeze it. If you want more information about the preparation of salmon we recommend the following articles:

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